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If you are looking for an adult Martial Arts program where you can have fun and be pushed to new levels of self confidence, fitness, and mastery of practical martial arts techniques...you have found it. At TFTC, we offer training for everyone, in classes tailored to your needs, from the first timer to the professional cage fighter, and each class is geared to allow you to reach your full potential.

tftc academy clayton nc

Why TFTC you might ask?

A fully developed curriculum for adults in both Brazilian Jiujitsu and kickboxing, with focused fundamentals for all levels of practitioner.

If your goal is to learn the most effective and practical martial art, we are the only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy in the Johnston County/Southeastern Wake County area, and the only academy offering the program

Having fun, as well as being challenged, will allow you to progress to a level you never before felt possible

A few more great reasons to try us out...

We have the only instructor ranked BJJ practitioners in the area, with a combined 50 years of BJJ and grappling experience among the three of them.

We give you a free high quality training uniform (110 dollar value).

We give you a complimentary private consultation.

We provide a free private intro lesson.

We offer this with a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

If you enroll and feel we did not provide the best BJJ training you can get in the area, we will return your money.

YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!! We may be the only Academy in the country with an offer this good.

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